Black Belt Levlart
All different types of art dedicated to glorifying God.

Portfolio Works

Drawing and Design and Color Theory

Drawing and Design is the name of the amazing art class that I take. This gallery will hold all the work I learned in DaD.

More drawing and sketches

Here’s more drawing and sketches! Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and the wonder of different art pieces.

Works in Progress

Works in Progress is a gallery where you get to see what the drawings were before they were completed.

Cake Pops

See the pictures of delicious and savory cake pops... made by me, destined for you.

Digital Art

These digital artworks are fun to create, even though they’re not on real paper! Even though shading may be difficult, you can still draw a masterpiece.

Book Characters

This gallery is dedicated to the characters I illustrate from the books I write by myself or with friends.

Comical Comics and Superhero Skins

Comical Comics is a collection of... well... comics! I hand-drew hand-wrote all of these and I hope you enjoy these extremely entertaining... slightly embarrassing comical comics. Superhero Skins is a collection of drawings that I made and colored. I love designing superheroes and their various powers.

Portraying Photographs

Come are silly... some are serious... some are just outright amazing! Actually, you’ll have to judge for yourself. Take a look at these photos that are worthy of a good laugh (or two).

Birthday Paintings and More

This gallery is full of fun paintings that I make for friends, family... and pretty much everybody! Through this gallery, I hope to show creativity, and that everyone can paint!

Drawings and Paintings

Collective thoughts and images marked and sketched on different mediums.